It is hard sometimes to set values in a place that is already built on its own culture with its particular set of values. Most times, we think we do not have a choice than to partake in everything, or always doing what everyone else’s does is best. We often say it is okay to live by the standards that is already structured by either our environment or peers.

Our environment or people we surround ourselves with is not always the reason we are confused. Sometimes we are confused because we don’t really know what we want for ourselves.

People are easily distracted and confused, which is why they are wavering in opinion, and direction. Just like a house that is not built on a solid foundation. If the wind blows, it moves it to a different direction from its original direction.

You don’t have to do what everybody else’s does. Everybody has different perspectives in life. It is ok to be different from the other person.

For example, a person who is determined to live healthy will not hang around with someone who is not living a healthy lifestyle, or who doesn’t eat right or exercise. You have to be motivated to go to gym and live according to your expectations, not another persons expectations. Someone who want to be rich, should not have the mindset that it is difficult to become rich because somebody else’s thought so. Nothing is difficult, but everything requires hardwork and determination. Set you standard towards being rich, and you become rich.

How to level up your standard.

You will only harvest what you plant. If plant flower, you cannot harvest a mango fruit. You only plant rose flowers for beautification, and not to produce food for you.

A common mistake that a person can make is when he does not know who he is and what he wants. If a person knows what he wants, he will be able to discern his right from wrong.

The reasons people deviates from their way of life is because of false promises. Our purposes are laid-back because we are influenced and misled.

Don’t try to live up to someone else’s expectations. Set your standards because if you don’t, you will live by the standards set by others. Do not allow yourself to be led into doing something you would not normally do.

1. Know who you are and what you want. For instance, If you want to be like another person, always seeking to have what the other person has. You will not live on purpose. We should be ourselves because who we are makes us unique and what we want makes us who we are.

2. Evaluating who you spend your time with. You want to surround yourself with the people that are at the level you want to be. The energy that you get being among such people is the positive influence you need to set your standard. You want to be around people that will make you, and not break you. Be with someone who has acquired knowledge to educate and impact you, not someone who is lower levelled than you.

Recognize your values because when you do it makes you start making decisions with how you live.

The standards you keep are the standards by which you live your life.


Your mind is built for recollection. The minds magnet what it perceives. You may be coming into a system of certain beliefs and values that is totally different from yours, but you must guard your mind in order to distinguish your values.

Your thoughts determine your actions.

You can be compared to a potter, who makes clay ware. You are responsible to art or craft your life.

It’s important for parents to pass on norms and teachings unto their children because they are the binding elements for great family life.

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