Self-esteem is valuing your worth. Lack of self-esteem on the other hand is not having value in yourself. Self-esteem has been compared to self-confidence. In other words, lack of self-esteem is a lack of self-confidence in oneself, powers and abilities. Lack of self-esteem is seeing yourself as worthless.

A lot of individuals struggle with Self-esteem. They allow themselves to be constantly troubled by fear and anxiety. Studies show that about 85% of individuals suffer from low self-esteem or zero self-esteem.

Self-esteem is what you think of yourself, or your opinion of yourself.  When a person is consumed by fear and anxiety, feeling frustrated and annoyed because of unfulfilled goals and desires, they are lacking self-esteem. There are many other uncomfortable feelings which can prevent you from realizing your full potential, for example nervousness and shyness. Also, an individual who suffers from low self-esteem, feels unlovable, and unloved. You are not please with yourself, your situation or your achievement.

An individual can procrastinate because of low confidence. When a person doesn’t feel confident, they don’t feel important enough, so they are always looking for someone to encourage them by liking their photos on Facebook or instagram, they look for someone to chit chat with them in the school they attend, because they want to feel loved. If their photos are not liked on Facebook or Instagram, then they begin to create thoughts in their head that they are fat, ugly or they are tall, too slim. We think things that are not, therefore we create non-realistic images of ourselves when we are standing in front of the mirror because of the lies that we have have heard and conceived. Most times, we nurture the lies, and live by it.

Danger of Low Self-esteem

Low self-esteem is deceitful, because you will always look for someone to recognize and validate you. You will begin to live a structured life, a life that someone other than you has created and you will always look for people to confirm your way of living, for example, just as the government will put a stamp on your passport to validate and confirm it for your use.

How can a person whom you do not know and who is not a particularly close friend determine your esteem? It is possible? In the modern world of civilization, where there is the belief that esteem, worth and values are determined by society, acquainted friends, co-workers, schoolmates, it is common to lack self-esteem. Someone  will always try to downsize you, but it doesn’t matter what any man think of you, if you know your esteem, worth or value, you will not be consumed by fear and anxiety.

Everybody is beautiful, courageous, enough, confident, capable and loved. The problem is that we really don’t know who we are. We don’t know our identity and our identity in Christ. Each and every one of us have an identity in Christ Jesus.

In Genesis 1:27, it is written that we are made in the image of God. Nothing is impossible for God according to the account of creation. God created and made all things and said it was very good. If nothing is impossible for God, then nothing will be impossible for you too because you are made in the image of God. Thus, you can do anything and nobody can talk you down or lower your esteem, or value. You should not feel worthless because you have your value and identity in Christ.

5 (five) ways to deal Self-Esteem

It takes attention and daily practice to boost a low self-esteem.

1. Acknowledge your lack of self-esteem.

2. Eliminate self-criticism and self-hate, and introduce self-love. (Self-love begins when we observe our actions and words with compassion as if we were our own best friend) — Sara M Bosworth

3. Speak positive affirmations.

4. Stop comparing yourself to others.

5. Be yourself.

Know who you really are and your identity in Christ, and begin to see yourself as valuable.

2 (two) causes of Low Self-Esteem:

1. We are judgemental.

2. We compare ourselves to others.

Results when you have accomplished high self-Esteem

1. You feel worthy and valuable.

2. You feel valued by others because of how you feel valued enough.

Recommended Book:

Self-Discipline: Control Your Trail of Thought, Build Up Daily Habit, Develop an Unbeatable Mental Toughness & Willpower, Boost Your Self-Esteem with the Proven Easy Process to Achieve Any Set Goals by Jimmie Powell

It doesn’t matter whether another person condemns you, if you love yourself, you are already loved.

Nancy Ogorure

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