We are all beautiful. Although, at times our being beautiful is determined by what people think. Sometimes we don’t see ourselves as beautiful except people see us as beautiful.

Know who you are. You are who you think you are. If you think you are beautiful, then you are beautiful. I choose my definition of beautiful,“beautiful is you.”

People are not supposed to determine your beauty, so that they don’t determine your beauty wrongly.

You can extend your beauty to every aspects of your everyday life. You can be beautiful in your marriage, your career, or to your community. Your being beautiful can make others become beautiful.


Beauty is not just looking beautiful, it is also feeling beautiful. Feeling beautiful is releasing your beautiful to fulfill beauty. You should be able to showcase your beauty inside out. My dictionary defines ‘inside out’ accordingly. It says [in such a manner that the inner surface becomes the outer.] Merriam Webster

Your beauty should be manifested so that you and others becomes beautiful. Your beauty reflects in your marriage as you handles it with unconditional love, and laughter against all odds. At the same time fulfilling  the glory of God in it.

The same applies in career as well as every thing you do.

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