There’s side effects to unhappiness which is detrimental to health. Happiness is associated with good health and long life. Be Happy! Findings published in the British Medical Journal has also proven it.

Just be happy. There’s a saying, “Laugh and forget your sorrows.”

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It is still the start of a new year. What more there is than to start the year with happiness. What is it that make you unhappy? This blog is here to tell you that you can’t be unhappy for long. Let go of whatever makes you unhappy. You may say I have pass through a loss and it’s difficult to be happy again. A loss is not the end of the world, it may only shake you hard, but you can bounce back again.

Have you ever throw a party to celebrate yourself? This is the right time to do so. Don’t wait till it’s your next birthday to celebrate. Sometimes buy yourself flowers, visit the beauty parlour for care treatments, get your facials, manicures and pedicures done. I have realized that happiness is a choice. Choose happiness over sadness. Don’t dwell on the pass because it can drag you to a place of unhappiness.

There are two different kind of happiness:

1. Happiness as a result of a pleasurable or satisfying experience. During this kind of happiness, you are happy only when something good happens to you.

2. Happiness from a state of well-being and contentment. This kind of happiness has to do with you being satisfied with or without experiencing anything. This’s the most important kind because it doesn’t matter what the the condition or the situation is, one will always show contentment. In this state you value who you are before pursuing what you want to be become. Showing gratitude for every opportunity you have had before seeking to gain another opportunity.

Life is not all glitters and golds and diamonds. Sometimes there’s obstacles and barriers to our happiness, but if we don’t let the obstacles prevent us from being happy, happiness will not depart from us. Nevertheless, we should not be sad when the going get tough, let’s remember that our Heavenly Father is with us always in every journey.

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