Anger is emotional and psychological (mental) stress. In other words it is caused by stress. It can lead to destruction and failure.


Anger is relating to fear because they both have the same kind of outcomes. Anger and fear yields the same kind of produce. Both can keep you from going forward in life. The difference is: Fear stops you, while anger limits you. Fear says don’t go there because it seems there is danger in there, it says don’t do it because you won’t succeed. Anger says don’t do business with him anymore because he offends you, knowing fully well that the business will be profitable. It makes you make decisions out of emotions.

Fear held you back from initiating your business ideas. Vexation held you back from continuing the business plans.

Vexation is manipulative because when we are angry we lost control of ourselves in the process. This is the reason the Bible told us in James 1:19, “Slow to be become angry.” NIV

It is a driving force, it pushes you to do things you are not supposed to do. Anger can destroy in 5 minutes what took years to build. When you become angry you are not conscious of yourself anymore. You become self-conscious after causing harm due to annoyance.

Psalm 37:8, “Stop being angry! Turn from your rage! Do not lose your temper— it only leads to harm.” NLT

How to deal with Anger.

I realized that we can deal with any kind of situation we are faced with. I have realized that we get angry because we allow it. We can chose not to get vexed if we really do not want to get angry. It is an option, because we can chose whatever we want.

Two ways to deal with it:

1. Commit your anger problems unto God‘s hands. This is the first and main solution to anger. You surely need the intervention of God to suppress your emotions.  Ask for His divine peace as a replacement.

2. Be committed to change your anger problems. I have recently realized that we give permission to certain behaviors. The reasons why you continually get vexed is because you constantly engage yourself with anger.

Know what get you furious and disengage yourself from it. For instance, you get angry all the time because somebody repeatedly say certain words that offends you. It is bad to be angry all the time, because it stresses you, and it is harmful to your health.

You can’t always control what comes from the other end, but you can control yourself and what you allow into your mind. What you allow in determines whether you will get angry or not.

Joyce Meyer in her bookDo Yourself a Favor…Forgive: Learn How to Take Control of Your Life Through Forgiveness talks about the issue of anger and how you can deal with it. I strongly encourage you to follow the link and get a copy of this book, it will change your life.


Lord Jesus, I take authority in the name of Jesus Christ and I disengage myself from every activity that may lead to anger. Give me grace to suppress anger.


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